1 / 1.287

1.287 * 0.777000777000777 == 1
J.S.   1/13/2018 6:09:13 AM

First thing to do on mac

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist
J.S.   8/2/2017 11:29:14 AM

Google Support

I just had my first experience with google support. I will make it short - I wish every service in the net had that quality and speed! Really great job google, no wonder you took over the network so fast! Thanks! EDIT: After some thoughts, I am under impression that the person I was chating with was actually a bot. But I didn't realize this while talking. So google's AI passed Turing test on me. Really good job!
J.S.   7/13/2017 11:31:34 AM

Where does it go?

I am writing this post today, for the reference, before history of Christian World will reveal pages of this book written by free will of human being. I have almost hole big picture of what is going on, which include acts of organizations hostile towards Catholic Church, hostile towards beauty and truth in culture, hostile towards Cross of Christ. But you know I won't write it here, instead of I will ask you to look for bright people that are screaming about it everywhere it is possible. I am not that bright like they are yet I see what they see too. I write this for reference and I will keep it here, online to remember me that I didn't really know, if all this is going to World War III solution, genocide of Christians in theirs mother land, or by Grace of God and Holy Mother Mary somehow it will survive. Well we all know what is the end of this things, just read Book of Revelation, but still non of us know how it will look in details. Well, anyway it is coming time when children of God will need to give testimony against children of satan. But honestly, was there any time bereft of this? Prepare for battle! Don't waste time! Fight first against any sin in you, with impurity, stupidity, laziness, cowardliness and first of all sin of pride. Then, well I don't know. But I will be keep asking Jesus, Mother Mary and General Michael about it. General Micheal
J.S.   5/28/2017 8:19:36 AM

Crux sacra sit mihi lux - Numquam draco sit mihi dux

More and more I live in holy Catholic Church and more and more Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit shows me truth about me and the world we are living at, more I understand that the heart of holy Gospel is Cross. Only through Cross is possible salvation of human being, and there is no other way, despite what "modern" people and even members of Church would wish for. Cross and holy name of Jesus Christ - the only and narrow gate to real life. And there are few who find these paths. Knight of Christ
J.S.   5/24/2017 9:50:27 PM

Popularity Grows

I am very happy, as this site gains significant popularity grow among great companies. I noticed that I have 90% of all ~10 visits a day from companies like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, OVH SAS etc. Wow. I see bright future now.
J.S.   5/23/2017 10:41:05 AM

Strongest Weapon

What is the strongest weapon that human being can use? Atomic bomb? No, but close. Here it is: Rozaniec
J.S.   5/20/2017 1:39:36 PM

What is next?

Next steps to include into this site are: 1. My AI project build in .NET. 2. 2FA 3. Realtime client-server, server-client communication just for fun. Cheers
J.S.   5/20/2017 1:40:50 PM

ASP.NET MVC is great

This site is my first approach to ASP.NET MVC. So far I love it! For all those that still are not convinced to use MVC and still code in pure ASP.NET: Just try it! You won't regret.
J.S.   5/20/2017 1:40:33 PM

Lets start!

This is my first blog entry. I will be adding content here from time to time. You are welcome to visit any time. Cheers
J.S.   5/20/2017 1:40:13 PM